Success Skills

Preparing Grade 8-10 Students to Succeed in the Business World

The earlier youth prepare for business, the better their chances of success.

JA’s Success Skills is an exciting program that helps students develop the communication and personal skills needed to achieve career and lifelong learning success. In this interactive program, volunteers from the local business community work with classroom teachers to prepare students for the working world. Students learn communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills that can help them throughout their careers.

By participating in this program, students will:
  • Relate skills they develop in school and everyday life to skills they will need in the workplace/p>

  • Identify and explain the need for specific work skills

  • Critique written communication

  • Form group communication strategies

  • Use critical and creative thinking to solve a problem

  • Clearly articulate their top personal strengths

By the end of this program, students will understand how the skills they develop in school and in everyday life relate to skills they will need in the workplace. This helps them translate their strengths into career success.


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Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.