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Thank you for your Support

As a registered charity, JA Canada is supported by generous donors who provide critical funding needed to develop and deliver our programs, train our volunteers, and inspire Canada’s future leaders. We are extremely grateful for your commitment and ongoing support. Your generosity is helping us to build a stronger future for all Canadians. .






Sheila & Don Bayne

Employees of RBC Canada

Paul and Paula Kennedy

The Estate of Sonja Ingrid Bata

John & Pattie Cleghorn



Clive Beddoe

Dawn de Lima

Gavin Semple

Jack Cockwell

JR Shaw



Annette Verschuren

David Forbes

Gordon Gray

Jennifer Hilborn

John & Pattie Cleghorn

Jonathan Wener

Kerny Korchinski

Pierre Lessard

Rovinescu Family Foundation

Zita Cobb



Aldo Bensadoun

Brian Phillips

Elaine Roberts

George A. Cohon

Gerard McInnis

Gill Ratcliffe Foundation

Julie Haché

Kerney Korchinski

Paul Hill

Lynton R. Wilson

Sheila & Don Bayne

How We Achieve

By helping youth stay in school, encouraging entrepreneurship, and teaching financial literacy skills, JA in Canada creates an annual return to society of $45 for every $1 spent.*

*The Boston Consulting Group (2011 report)


Thank you to our donors for their generous support:


Andrew Melton


Brian Felesky

Cheryl Graden

Cindy David

Claire Johnson

Donald Douglas

Employees of TD

Gary J. Smith

Gary Nissen

Janeen Speer

Jeff Gilchrist

Jim Rea

John Thompson

Jones DesLauriers

Kevin Dane

Kevin Fleury

Marion Kirsh

Nick Thadaney

Northbridge Insurance

Paul Finkbeiner

Scott Hillier

Scott Munn

Sean Munro

Stéphane Leblanc

Tim Christmann


2693986 Ontario Inc.

Aaron Ber

Andre Gallant

Anne Lachance

Chapel Rock Developments

Charities Aid Foundaton

Christina A. Beyer

Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting

Dan Dunlop

Daniel Stewart

David Galloway

Diana Hanevelt

Donald Rogers

Eleazar Alberto Trejo Sandoval

Employees of Accenture

Employees of ACG

Employees of Allstate

Employees of AltaGas

Employees of Benevity

Employees of Best Buy

Employees of Bosa Foundation

Employees of Cenovus

Employees of CIBC

Employees of The Clorox Company

Employees of ConocoPhilips

Employees of Coupa Software

Employees of Critical Mass

Employees of FCT

Employees of Gibson Energy

Employees of Hewlett Packard

Employees of Honda

Employees of Husky Energy

Employees of Hydro One

Employees of Intact Insurance

Employees of Intuit

Employees of Irving Oil

Employees of Liberty Mutual

Employees of Meridian

Employees of Nike

Employees of Rogers Communications

Employees of Samsung

Employees of SAP

Employees of Sephora

Employees of Stantec

Employees of Sun Life Financial

Employees of Take Two

Employees of Unity Technologies

Employees of Veeva

Employees of Xerox

Employees of Z Zurich Foundation

Evelyn Paris & Andrew Finn

Frank Hivert

Gerald Wood

Guy Leagult

Harvey Thal

Ian Griffin

Lulia Marin

James Midwinter

James Stuart

Joanne Walker

JOCAR Properties Inc.

John Hetherington

John Robinson

John & Vanessa Underwood

Karen Gallant

Kate Webb

Kazimiera Justin

Kenneth Copithorne

Larry Mah

Lou Graham

Mary Ellen Bockler

Michael Kelland

Michael Latimer

Nick & Loreta Creatura

Ossana Ber

Pam Derksen

Paul C Bergmann

Paul Douglas

Raymond Lippitt

Robert H. Kidd

Robert MacDonald

Ronald Ghitter

Steve Czechowsky, P.C.

Victoria Nordal

Wagepoint Holdings Inc.

Wayne Murray

William Kujat

William Redmond

Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.