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JA provides an annual return of $45 towards societal prosperity in Canada for every $1 spent on our programs – that’s a 4,500% return on investment!* *The Boston Consulting Group (2011 report)


Helping JA Educate and Inspire Students Across Canada  

Your generous gift will help JA achieve our ambitious goal of reaching one million students annually by 2021. To achieve this goal we will strategically use technology to engage significantly more students, greatly enhance their experience and support our dedicated volunteers.


Volunteer Growth


Student Leadership Development




Building Charters of Excellence and Innovation


  JA Excelerate

‘Be where the learner is at’ is a mantra for every educator, and we all recognize that youth are growing up in a digital age. Youth today live within the spaces of social media, digital resources and integrated learning. The world is at their fingertips, and JA can be a catalyst to help them prepare for the future by using a digital learning environment.

The learning environment for students today is changing at a rapid pace with the integration of digital learning platforms, access to the Internet in classrooms and tech-savvy students who expect curriculums to adapt to their current and future learning styles. 

Student Leadership Development

We believe that every Canadian student deserves a JA education, whether in financial literacy, workplace readiness or entrepreneurial training. With over five million students enrolled in public schools across our country, we are rising to the challenge of reaching one million students per year by 2021.

JA Canada offers top students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills.

  • Awards and Scholarships: Achievers who have participated in JA’s company program are eligible to apply for scholarships or awards to assist them as they continue their education.

  • International Leadership Conference: Top JA students from around the world are selected as delegates for the annual Next Generation Leaders Forum. This once in a lifetime opportunity allows students to collaborate with academics, business leaders and their global peers to solve real business challenges.

  • Public Speaking Opportunities: Recipients of specific awards earn the honour of speaking in front of senior business leaders at the Canadian Business Hall of Fame Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremony.


Volunteer Growth

Volunteers are at the heart of JA’s success across Canada. All JA programs are delivered by dedicated business professionals from a variety of backgrounds.  In order to dramatically increase our student reach we need to increase our volunteer base to 50,0000 by 2020. To realize this goal we are using technology to help us recruit, educate and retain volunteers.

The recently launched Royden Richardson Virtual School for Volunteers is a platform and online community that enables volunteers to prepare to deliver JA programs, as well as plan how they will share their real life lessons with students. The virtual school currently offers training for our three most popular programs with future phases to include the expansion of training to other programs and additional resource support for volunteers.

Building Charters of Excellence and Innovation

Our local Charter offices are working hard to serve students across their communities and engage more volunteers, educators and families. Program delivery for our youth is critical to achieving JA’s mission. As we increase our capacity to deliver programs to a wider audience, maintaining vibrant Charter offices will be paramount to our global success.

Help JA transform the lives of more students across Canada.


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How We Achieve

JA’s work has a direct impact of $105 million on Canada’s economy each year.*

*The Boston Consulting Group (2011 report)



Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.