Gain the skills you need to make your dreams a reality

JA can transform your life.

Making the move from school to “the real world” can feel overwhelming. You may not feel prepared to meet the challenges of post-secondary school, looking for work and managing your finances.

When you get involved with JA, you’ll gain real-world skills that will help you succeed in school, life and your career. JA offers the following opportunities:

Financial Literacy, Work Readiness and Entrepreneurship Programs

JA offers programs in three key areas – financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. Volunteers from local businesses partner with your teachers to give you real-world skills that you can apply to your life immediately and use throughout your career. You’ll receive mentorship from these business leaders and have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and ask them questions.

Our most extensive program is Company Program. In this four-month program, business leaders teach you how to start and manage your own business. Many successful entrepreneurs credit Company Program as the driving force that gave them the confidence and skills they needed to launch their companies. 

At JA, we’re constantly improving our programs to give you the best head start for your future success. Our programs include a mix of hands-on activities and digital technology – providing you with the skills you need to have the world at your fingertips.


Awards and Scholarships

If you have participated in a JA program, you can apply for a number of awards and scholarships to assist you as you continue your education and start a career.


Our student programs, awards, scholarships and events are made possible through the help of our generous supporters.



If you would like JA to consider bringing a program to your school, talk to your teacher or principal about requesting a program.


How We Achieve

Achievers say that participation in our programs provides a transformational event that alters their ambitions and encourages them to do more with their lives.*

*The Boston Consulting Group (2011 report)



Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.