JA Company Program

Teaching grade 9-12 students how to organize and operate a real business

By participating in this program for four months, volunteers from the local business community work with students to launch and run a small enterprise. This gives students the real-world skills and experience that they need to achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

JA Company Program transfers students into tomorrows leaders by helping them to understand how to run a successful business enterprise.

By participating in this program, students will:
  • Solve real business challenges

  • Gather data, evaluate choices and create a plan

  • Learn how to incorporate their business

  • Capitalize by selling shares

  • Develop and market a product or service

  • Learn about teamwork, responsibility and business ethics

  • Appoint a management team that will best enable them to achieve their company’s mission

  • Maintain and analyze financial records

  • Set sales goals and make effective sales pitches

By the end of Company Program, students will understand how to run a successful business enterprise. This will give them confidence and empower them to become Canada’s future CEOs.


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