Our Business World

Inspiring Grade 5-6 Students to Become Canada’s Next Entrepreneurs

Our Business World is for students in grades 5 to 6. The focus of the program is on the power of Canadian entrepreneurial spirit in a free enterprise system. Students learn by doing through fun, relevant activities and can apply the lessons learned to help them succeed tomorrow. 



After completing the program, students will be prepared to:
  • Identify why businesses are created and how they adapt to change

  • Know where customers come from and how to keep them

  • Understand the negative and positive ways businesses can impact the community and environment

  • Talk about the history of some Canadian businesses and how they’ve changed over time

  • Understand the importance of innovation

  • Understand of the importance of innovation

  • Describe what makes an entrepreneur innovative

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Students can also access our self-directed program through the JA Campus.

Programs offered on the JA Campus allow students to learn on an easy-to-use platform and test their knowledge through fun interactive exercises. This virtual learning space is free to use - set up your free account today!


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Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.