2024 National JA Student Award Winners

June 06, 2024 National

We're delighted to share the news of the 2024 national JA student award winners. This year, three awards were available to students across Canada who actively participated in the JA Company Program!

JA Future Leader Award
Awarded to a student who developed and demonstrated leadership skills through their JA experience. 

JA Company Program Community Award
Awarded to a student who demonstrated how they used their JA experience to contribute to building a better community.

The Seymour Schulich Entrepreneurship Scholarship
Awarded to a graduating student who demonstrated how their JA experience has equipped them with the entrepreneurial skills and a mindset that they'll apply to their future educational and career pathways.

The 2024 National JA Student Award Winners Are:

JA Future Leader Award - Rafael Nicholas Bugan | JA Quebec

JA Company Program Community Award - Anson Lee | JA Central Ontario

Seymour Schulich Entrepreneurship Scholarship - May Sharma | JA Northern Alberta

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