Royden Richardson National JA Volunteer Award

Celebrating Outstanding Volunteers

The Royden Richardson National Volunteer Awards were inspired by Royden Richardson, a longtime JA volunteer.  They recognize volunteers whose participation in, and lasting contribution to, JA and its programs locally and/or nationally has immeasurably furthered the aims and objectives of JA in Canada.  Two awards are available – one for a Program Volunteer, the other for a Governance Volunteer.



2021 Recipients

Dave Steeves, Program Volunteer, JA Central Ontario

Andrew Marchant, Governance Volunteer , JA British Columbia

2019 Recipients

Joanna Williams, Program Volunteer, JA Central Ontario

Phil Lehn, Governance Volunteer , JA British Columbia

2018 Recipients

Dan McPhee, Program Volunteer, JA Southern Alberta

Paul Ayotte,  Governance Volunteer, JA PLM

2017 Recipients

Keith Oosthoek, Program VolunteerJA Waterloo

Britt Dysart, Governance Volunteer, JA New Brunswick

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