Zurich Canada, Z Zurich Foundation and JA Canada Launch a Multi-Year Initiative to Equip Youth with Mental Well-Being Skills

December 07, 2022 National

This new collaboration will equip 230,000 youth with mental well-being skills and resources

TORONTO, Dec. 6, 2022 /CNW/ - Junior Achievement of Canada (JA Canada) is pleased to announce a new national three-year collaboration impacting more than 230,000 Canadian youth.  

Zurich Canada, the Z Zurich Foundation and JA Canada have enjoyed a long-standing meaningful relationship focused on equipping youth with financial literacy, career readiness and entrepreneurship skills.

"At Zurich Canada, we are committed to supporting the communities in which we live and work", said Saad Mered, CEO, Zurich Canada. "Working alongside the Z Zurich Foundation, we are excited to collaborate with JA Canada to combine resources and expertise to foster positive youth connection and develop foundational mental well-being skills."

Earlier this fall, JA Worldwide released its new brand and refined vision statement: a world in which young people have the skillset and mindset to build thriving communities. As a leader in youth business education and entrepreneurship, JA Canada is looking to leverage its platform, learning experiences and student network to integrate mental well-being education and skills in JA programs.

"Our mental well-being collaboration with Zurich Canada is directly aligned with our goal to support youth in developing the mindset for life, academic and career success," said Scott Hillier, CEO, JA Canada. "We are grateful for Z Zurich Foundation and Zurich Canada's collaboration and investment," said Hillier.

With Z Zurich Foundation's investment, JA Canada will promote and build awareness of the critical importance of youth mental well-being and resiliency through an array of activities targeted at youth between the ages of 12 and 17, and their educators and caregivers.

"By working upstream with aspiring young entrepreneurs, and students beginning their career exploration, we can help develop life-long skills to promote mental health," said Scott Hillier, CEO, JA Canada.

With the guidance and engagement of a collaborative advisory group of leading mental health partners, a youth council, and a program development working group, JA Canada is embarking on the development of a unique suite of program activities which will become established components of JA Canada's programming.

"The engagement of mental health partners is a critical component of the initiative, ensuring the development of evidence-based, youth-centered content to enhance and support mental well-being," said Jennifer James, VP Programs, JA Canada.

Key activities include: youth webinars/courses and online professional development for educators which will be released early in 2023; the redevelopment of JA Success Skills Program for classrooms across the country available in the spring of 2023; and the integration of mental well-being and resiliency modules in JA Company Program, JA's signature youth entrepreneurship program.

JA and Zurich Canada, in partnership with the Mental Health Partners Advisory Group also look forward to providing youth with unique and transformational experiential learning opportunities by hosting Youth Summits and moreover launching a dynamic Mental Well-Being Youth Challenge fostering promotion, advocacy and self-determination through peer-to-peer engagement.

"Zurich Canada and the Z Zurich Foundation are excited about this multi-stakeholder collaboration, and the opportunity for Zurich employees to serve as program champions and volunteers," said Ray Chaaya, AVP Employee Experience & Culture, Zurich Canada. "Together we can empower young people for future success by helping youth build resilience and equipping them with life skills," said Chaaya.

For more information on JA Canada – Zurich Canada – Z Zurich Foundation's collaboration, Success Skills, JA programs or how to get involved, please visit jacanada.org.

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