Interview with TC Energy

January 27, 2024 National

In the spring of 2023, The Globe and Mail interviewed Dawn de Lima, Executive Vice-President, Corporate Services of TC Energy and Chair of the Board for JA Canada. Please see the full interview below to learn how TC Energy has been a strong supporter of JA Canada for more than two decades!

What initiatives has TC Energy supported with JA?

TC Energy has been partnering with JA Canada for more than 20 years. Over that time, we’ve invested more than $900,000 into various programs and initiatives, and countless volunteer hours from our employees. Recently, through our Social Impact Program Build Strong, TC Energy has supported JA Canada’s Digital Transformation Project: JA Campus. This has been an exciting program for us, as it brings JA programming to students across Canada, and creates more opportunities for reaching and engaging a diverse student group. We have also expanded our support to include the development of a new Virtual Career Fair portal. This new portal will create a destination for students to navigate career opportunities and visit different centres dedicated to diverse careers such as skilled trades, finance, energy and technology.

Why has TC Energy invested in JA digital’s learning initiatives for the past several years? Why does TC Energy believe that it is important to support digital education innovation?

Innovation is a core value at TC Energy. As a team of 7,000+ energy problem solvers - we are restlessly innovative. As we work to move, generate and store the energy North America relies on, having an innovation mindset is the key to unlocking a more sustainable and more secure energy future. JA’s digital learning initiatives are reaching more youth, from communities that would have otherwise not had access to programs. The social impact TC Energy seeks to have by investing in JA’s digital learning initiatives is to build the next generation of energy problem solvers and improve access and reach of innovative programming.

Why is TC Energy passionate about career readiness education?

Now more than ever, the world needs big thinkers. Solving today, and tomorrow’s energy challenges will require bright, open, and curious minds to help us look at problems differently and contribute unique solutions through their work. Empowering the next generation of energy problem solvers through our Social Impact program, Build Strong, is about inspiring the bright minds of today, to help us develop tomorrow’s energy solutions.

What excites you about joining forces with JA and other partners to sponsor the development of the JA Virtual Career Fair Platform?

We’ve already seen the impact of the adaptive delivery model through our earlier investments in JA digital’s learning initiatives. Being able to evolve our Build Strong investment and take it one step further by supporting the development of the TC Energy Career Centre will introduce students to the exciting possibilities of a career in energy to students across Canada.

How does this initiative specifically support your business and talent development goals?

At TC Energy, we’re looking for people who bring innovative ideas and a unique perspective. The TC Energy Career Centre will highlight what it looks like to help solve some of the world’s most pressing energy problems and bring the perspectives of our employees directly to students. Our employees will help us deliver aspects of the program through mentorship opportunities and showcasing energy careers.

What are your hopes for the TC Energy Career Centre?

The TC Energy Career Centre will equip future energy problem solvers with career skills and provide experiential learning opportunities in a new and innovative way. We want to create a destination for students to discover a career that they might not have realized was even possible. With access to experiential learning opportunities at the students’ fingertips, we’re helping to expand the reach and increase the access to those not traditionally reached through JA events.

Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.