2023 Canadian Company of the Year Championship

July 26, 2023 National

Over the past few weeks, JA Company Program teams have been competing in the Canadian Company of the Year Championship. We're delighted to share that this year's champion is Wonder from JA Central Ontario.

This year's three finalists included the top team from the category sessions which include:

  • Technology Finalist - Nyft-e from JA Central Ontario
  • Retail & Manufacturing Finalist - Supernational Delights from JA South Western Ontario
  • Social Venture Finalist - Wonder from JA Central Ontario

Congratulations to all the teams. The judges were most impressed with this year's presentations. It was clear that a lot of hard work and dedication was achieved this year!

2023 Championship Event - July 20, 2023

This year's championship event took place virtually. The emcee was JA Alumna Sofia Lopez from JA British Columbia. The event started with a fireside chat with Jeff Adamson of Neo Financial who inspired the crowd with his experience in entrepreneurship. Each of the finalist teams had a presentation prepared which was followed by a Q&A session by the judges.

You can see a recording of the event below.

Best Store Builder of the Year

During the championship event, the winners of the Best Store Builder Award of the Year were announced. JA Company Program teams who used a Shopify store this year, qualified for the award. Shopify judged each of the stores to determine the winner.

This year's Best Store Builders of the Year Include:

  • 1st Place - J.A.D. from JA Quebec
  • 2nd Place - Curae from JA Northern Alberta
  • 3rd Place - Bookeries from JA Central Ontario
  • 4th Place - Grounded from JA Manitoba
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