Donner aux élèves de 4e secondaire (10e année) à la 1re année de cégep (12e année) les moyens de devenir les prochains PDG du Canada

JA’s TITAN program gives grade 10-12 students the confidence to go after their entrepreneurial dreams. Students take part in an interactive online challenge where they become CEOs of their own company. They must create a business strategy and strive to succeed in a highly competitive industry.

How We Achieve

Achievers are 50% more likely to open their own businesses, which leads to innovation, new jobs and wealth creation.*

*The Boston Consulting Group (2011 report)

In this ultimate business simulation students will:

  • Make critical production, staffing and capital investment decisions

  • Solve marketing and pricing challenges

  • Optimize research and development in a competitive environment

  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility with charitable giving

  • Create business goals

  • Learn decision-making skills that are critical for business leadership

  • See how their decisions impact business performance

By the end of this program, students will understand how to lead a successful business.


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To check program availability for Charters outside of Ontario, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, or for more information about TITAN, contact your local JA office.

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