Stronger Together

Helping Grade 6-8 Students Understand the Value of Diversity

In today’s global economy, individuals from many different backgrounds work together to achieve common goals.

Stronger Together: Diversity in Action is an exciting program from JA that teaches grade 6-8 students the value of diversity and how it contributes to improving morale, creativity, teamwork and productivity.

Volunteers from the local business community help students understand how inclusivity can solve real-world challenges. They also encourage students to welcome perspectives that are different from their own.

How We Achieve

Participating in a JA program helps students become more open-minded and see the value of diverse perspectives. This leads to stronger communities and gives students the skills they need to succeed in global business


During this interactive classroom program students will:

  • Experience the strength of teamwork

  • Participate in exercises that explore a diversity of physical movements

  • Discover the importance of fairness and how to resolve conflict

  • See the benefits of volunteerism first-hand

  • Share their perspectives on the cultural and social challenges they face each day

  • Uncover the important role diversity plays in Canada and in the workplace

By the end of Stronger Together, students will understand the role diversity plays in enriching their personal and professional lives. This prepares them to work with diverse teams at school and in the workplace to achieve common goals.


Download the Stronger Together Program Sheet

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To check program availability for Charters outside of Ontario, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, or for more information about Stronger Together, contact your local JA office.

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