A Business of our Own

Introducing Grade 3-6 Students to the Possibilities of Business

Entrepreneurs drive the Canadian economy, strengthen communities and create jobs.

However, children are often not encouraged to become entrepreneurs.

In JA’s newly updated A Business of Our Own program, grade 3-6 students put on entrepreneurial hats and run their own retail business. Students learn how to start a business, produce and promote their products, track their finances and manage a team. Volunteers from the local business community use experiential blended learning and game-based technology to engage students and ignite their passion for business. In addition to in-class lessons, budding entrepreneurs are now able to continue learning at home through JA's online business simulation.

How We Achieve

Seventy percent of Achievers indicate that participation in a JA program had a significant impact on their desire to be an entrepreneur.*

*The Boston Consulting Group (2011 report)


A Business of Our Own teaches students basic business concepts such as management, finance, production and marketing. This learning is enhanced by the use of games and multimeda to enable students to fully immerse themselves in the joys and challenges of running their own business.

In this interactive program students will:

  • Learn about different types of organizations

  • Develop an understanding of management and financial record keeping

  • Create business goals

  • Practice the skills needed to run a business

  • Create and implement a business model canvas for their own retail business

  • Learn about pricing and promotions

  • Describe their experience in operating a business

  • Draw conclusions about planning and running a retail business

By the end of the program, students will know how to manage risks and seize business opportunities. This will inspire them to dream big, take on new challenges and think about becoming Canada's next entrepreneurs.


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