JA Canada Celebrates Financial Literacy Month 2018

November 09, 2018

TORONTO, Nov. 9, 2018 /CNW/ - JA Canada is celebrating Financial Literacy Month by delivering programs to students in grades 3-12 from coast to coast. Volunteers from local business communities work in collaboration with classroom teachers to teach students practical financial literacy concepts using a variety of learning methods – including hands-on activities, classroom discussions, games and e-learning. Volunteers also share their personal experiences to help students understand how these lessons apply to the real world.

Students who go through a JA program learn fundamental concepts that help them develop the ability and discipline to make wise personal and financial decisions. JA programs provide real-life knowledge and experience to help young people make informed saving and spending decisions, learn how to effectively manage a budget, and understand how major decisions such as staying in school impact future financial success and help them achieve their life goals. Students develop money management skills and habits that they can take right through their lives.

"Teaching youth about sound money management early in life sets them up to be confident and smart about dollars and cents. They feel empowered knowing they can manage money and debt wisely, save for the future and understand the link between money and their goals in life," said Scott Hillier, President and CEO at JA Canada. "Early skill development is essential in ensuring lifelong financial success. Through past research, we know that students who participate in a JA program save more, borrow less, and do better financially than the average Canadian."

JA's programs would not be possible without the generous support from donors. This support allowed JA to reach over 278,000 young Canadians with a JA program during the 2017-2018 school year. "We are grateful to have the support of so many outstanding corporate partners," said Hillier. "Their support allows us to deliver JA programs – such as More Than Money, Dollars with Sense and Economics for Success - completely free of charge."

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As the largest youth business education organization in Canada, JA works in partnership with educators, volunteers and businesses to education students about financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. Since 1955, JA has educated and inspired more than 5,000,000 Canadian youth, giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in school, business and life.

For further information: Karen Gallant, Vice-President, Programs & Charter Services,, 647-435-1113


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