Highlight on Financial Literacy as the New School Year Begins

September 04, 2019

Welcome to a new school year!  I’ve always enjoyed September and the feeling of a new start that it brings.  Even though my children are now finished their formal education, I look forward to the beginning of the school year as it means a whole new year of JA programs for youth across Canada.

Over the past couple of weeks, as everyone prepared to head back to school, there seemed to be an increase in news articles about the need for financial literacy.  I love to see the spotlight cast on this important subject. Here in Ontario, financial literacy was in the spotlight earlier this year when the government announced revisions to the Grade 10 Careers and Civics course to include financial literacy for all students.  Although financial literacy education can – and should – begin much earlier in a student’s life, Grade 10 is a very appropriate time for them to develop and enhance their knowledge of goal-setting, budgeting and money management.  It gives them a few years to put that knowledge into practice before they finish high school and begin the next stage of their journey.

JA has been delivering financial literacy programs in partnership with industry volunteers, educators and other partners for 100 years.  If you’re a teacher anywhere in Canada and you’re looking to bring an engaging and impactful financial literacy program into your classroom, JA can help.  We have programs for elementary, middle and high school students that incorporate various learning methods into the program so it resonates with all students.  Visit to find the JA office nearest you and for a full listing of programs available.

Have a great September!


Karen Gallant

Vice President, Programs  and Charter Services


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