Financial Literacy Programs: Supporting Our Students Today and Tomorrow

November 08, 2017

JA plays an important role in building money management skills by providing financial literacy mentorship experiences to youth across Canada. JA brings experienced volunteers and youth together with relevant, free-of-charge education programs to nearly 250,000 students annually in communities across Canada. In partnership with schools and volunteers, JA provides today’s youth with valuable skills that they will need to participate and succeed in an ever-changing global economy.

As the Vice President of Programs and Charter Services at JA, I oversee our overall development of our programs. Financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness are the three educational pillars of JA’s national programs, and our programs reflect these pillars and their role in helping activate students’ future success. Our programs and our volunteers are a powerful combination that are helping to make the difference in the lives of our students. As we celebrate Financial Literacy Month throughout November, it is a great chance to share information regarding some of the programs we offer and how they are helping to build financial literacy skills in youth.

New! More than Money

The earlier students learn how to manage money, the greater their chances of lifelong financial success. The More than Money program teaches elementary students about earning, spending, sharing and saving money.

Dollars with Sense

The Dollars with Sense program provides students with the experience they need to make better economic decisions, including a game used to teach effective spending and how to avoid credit and debt pitfalls.

Investment Strategies

JA’s Investment Strategies program teaches students how to save and invest for the future. The program includes both interactive classroom lessons and an online stock market simulation, Invest JA, where students manage their own simulated stock portfolio. The simulation is linked to live data from North American stock markets and is an exciting, risk-free way for students to apply the investing principles they learn in the program.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is JA’s new financial literacy program for Grade 9-12 students. The program teaches students personal money management skills including the key elements of personal finance such as spending wisely, budgeting, saving, investing and using credit. 

These programs and others offered by JA help students put financial literacy in practice. It is time for all of us to ensure that our youth have the knowledge, tools, and confidence to make informed financial decisions. 

Learn more about how you can help provide our youth with financial literacy knowledge, skills, and understanding. 


Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.