JA SWO Companies 2019-2020

Introducing our 2019-2020 JA Companies!

Check back soon for profiles of our 2020-2021 JA Companies. 

Want to see how the sales competition is shaping up? Click below to see the weekly sales statistics for each JA Company!

  Company Sales Statistics  





4U, a JA Company

Mental health awareness bead bracelets

Instagram: @4ubracelets



Ease the Disease, a JA Company

Awareness candles representing various diseases

Facebook: Ease The Disease a JA Company

Instagram: @easethedisease


Eco-Lux, a JA Company

Environmentally friendly lunch kit

Instagram: @eco_lux_ja



Fields to Forest, a JA Company

Tree-planting kit

Facebook: Fields to Forest JA

Instagram: @fieldstoforest_ja


FreshMesh, a JA Company

Mesh produce bags and tote bag package

Facebook: Fresh Mesh - a JA Company

Instagram: @freshmesh.ja


Grow, a JA Company

Succulents in a mug

Facebook: Grow A JA Company

Instagram: @grow.plantables


Kalimera, a JA Company
Wood organizer shelf

Instagram: @kalimera.ja



SocieTea, a JA Company

Flavored teas package

Facebook: SocieTea JA

Instagram: @ja_societea









Thriftii, a JA Company

Premium used clothing

Facebook: Thriftii

Instagram: @thriftii

Toys 'n' Tails, a JA Company

Pet toy and bow tie package

Instagram: @toys_n_tails_ja












Go Fetch!, a JA Company

Pet toys

Facebook: Gofetchproducts

Instagram: @gofetchproducts


Spilling the Tees, a JA Company

Custom T-shirts

Facebook: Spilling the Tees, A Junior Achievement Company!

Instagram: @spilling.the.tees











PLANT, a JA Company

Succulents in a mug

Instagram: @plant.ja

S.O.C.S, a JA Company

Tie-dyed socks

Facebook: SOCS - A JA Company

Instagram: @s.o.c.s.official










Fabric Works, a JA Company

Wonder Wraps - Reusable food wrap

Facebook: Fabric Work

Instagram: @fabricworks.ja

lipp, a JA Company

Natural ingredient chap sticks




TreePorts, a JA Company

Charging locker for up to 30 cell phones

Facebook: Treeports

Instagram: @tree_ports


EmBracing life, a JA Company

Bracelets to help improve the educational crisis in developing

countries by raising funds for 



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