The Power of Ideas

May 09, 2014

Help show the next generation of leaders the power of their ideas

to donate $5 to Junior Achievement of Canada.

For every copy of Looptail sold through the G Adventures Gear Store, $5 will be donated to Junior Achievement of Canada to support Canadian youth. In addition, $5 will be donated to the G Adventures Planeterra Foundation.


“...Junior Achievement (JA), the same organization that took an eager fourteen-year-old all those years ago and showed him that his thoughts and ideas mattered.”

About Looptail
Looptail is the extraordinary story of Bruce Poon Tip’s personal adventure, starting with his first-person account of how he honed his entrepreneurial instincts beginning with his Junior Achievement businesses all the way to starting G Adventures, the world’s most successful adventure travel company. Along the way, Bruce reveals his unusual management secrets that not only keep his employees fully engaged and energized but also keeps his customers extremely happy.

About Junior Achievement of Canada
Junior Achievement of Canada is the country’s largest youth business organization and is dedicated to educating and inspiring young people to succeed. Offering programs in the areas of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy, Junior Achievement strives to help students make informed and knowledgeable financial decisions, develop career plans and express their innovative spirit.


Junior Achievement wishes to thank Bruce Poon Tip and G Adventures for their ongoing support and dedication to our next generation of leaders.

Notre mission est d'inspirer et de préparer les jeunes à réussir dans une économie mondiale.