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To nominate a candidate for the 2019 JA PEI Business Hall of Fame, please review the criteria and complete the nomination form included in the link below. Questions and completed nomination forms can be directed to: Debbie Atkinson

Nomination Form and Criteria

Nomination Dealine: October 31, 2018



Sharing History With Our Future

Established by JA Prince Edward Island in 1998 and modeled after JA Canada’s Canadian Business Hall of Fame, the PEI Business Hall of Fame celebrates Prince Edward Island’s top current and past business leaders. A provincial committee representing PEI’s business community, media and academia, selects nominees based on several criteria:

  • to be recognized by his or her organization or profession as having made an outstanding contribution to the success of the organization or profession,

  • to have demonstrated in his or her business career entrepreneurial spirit,

  • to have a record of outstanding entrepreneurial achievements and,

  • to have demonstrated effective leadership, not only within his or her own organization but in the community, and;

  • to be considered a role model for future generations of entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as others in business.


Past inductees include such Island business legends as:

Earl Davison

William (Bill) Andrew

David Scales

David Loggie

Senator Catherine Callbeck

H. Wayne Hambly

Weston & Connie MacAleer

Donald J. McDougall

H. Frank Lewis

D. Alex MacDonald

Dr. Kent Ellis

James Casey

Russell Dockendorff

Donald Smith

Richard (Dick) MacLean

Allan Andrews

Charlie Cooke

Simon Compton

Mary Jean Irving

Joseph W. McKenna

Walter J. Riehl

Eric C. Robinson

David Stewart

Roger Birt

Wayne and Doreen Gray

Robert Bateman

Randolph Manning

Melvin MacPhee

H.B. Willis Bernard

Dale Ernest Matheson

Ralph Robertson Callbeck

Joseph G. Gaudin

Keith Sinclair Rogers

Carl Burke

Dr. Regis Duffy

Austin Scales

R.T. Holman

Harry MacLauchlan

William (Billy) Rix

Sir Charles Dalton

Michael S. Schurman

Arthur West Vesey

James J. MacNeilll

Senator Joseph Arsenault

Wally and Sally Rodd

Harry Snow

Donald Allan

Albert M. Ferris

Owen Connolly

Arnold Wightman

Jim Casey

Ray Murphy

Bev Simpson

Stanley H. MacPherson

Tim Banks

Blair MacLauchlan

Elwood Lawton

Keith MacLean (1945-2009)

John Norman MacLeod

Gretha Rose

Harris Garfield Johnston

Jason Aspin   

Michael Cassidy   

Rita & Angus MacCormack



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