JA Excelerate

The global business landscape is rapidly changing. To prepare Canadian youth to succeed in this dynamic environment JA Canada is redesigning its programs to give students the most relevant and engaging learning experiences.

Over a four year period, JA Canada is phasing in our digital strategy, JA Excelerate. This comprehensive strategy gives us a roadmap to reach more students and dramatically enhance our programs. Through JA Excelerate, we will integrate blended learning into all of our programs. The first phase of the roll out began in 2015 with blended learning being incorporated into our three most popular programs – Dollars with Sense, Economics for Success, and Our Business World.

This strategy also includes:

  • Gamification to make learning fun and help students retain knowledge

  • A variety of self-directed e-learning modules that provide opportunities for students to learn on their own

  • Online career and personal assessment tools to help students identify career paths

  • An online learning management system to enable centralized management of all JA programs

  • The Royden Richardson Virtual School for Volunteers to recruit and retain the best volunteers




Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.